Mayor Belmont understands the need and value of a community approach to development that leverages strategic partnership to improve Harrison’s overall quality of life.

That’s why the Belmont Team was instrumental in leading the development of the Platinum Mile district. Before Mayor Ron Belmont got involved, the proposed project had been gathering dust on the shelf for about a decade. But he welcomed teamwork between key developers and other stakeholders, meeting them over lunch at local restaurants. By listening to their ideas, hearing their challenges and concerns, and sharing his view of the potential the project offered, Mayor Belmont was able to translate collective, collaborative vision into real action.

Not only does the Platinum Mile project invigorate the tax base with new medical research companies, but it also enhances grocery shopping, fitness, and other neighborhood experiences. That illustrates how it’s possible to get more done when Harrison has open-minded, proactive leadership.

Under Team Belmont, including Mayor Belmont and Board Member Fred Sciliano, Harrison has also acquired more land to relieve the daily hassle of insufficient parking downtown. That will make life easier for everyone who lives and works in Harrison, and will make the town more welcoming and convenient to all visitors.

The Belmont Team, in coordination with the MTA and Avalon Bay, also spearheaded efforts to create new housing options at to the new train station. That will facilitate easier, more affordable commuting, while also reducing traffic congestion to help reduce the community’s stress levels and carbon footprint. The public transit-oriented development will be the first one in the history of our rail system, and is an inspiring example of cooperation between various agencies and communities under capable, visionary Belmont leadership.