Mayor Belmont has energetically led multifaceted efforts and initiatives to make sure that Harrison is one of America’s safest award-winning places to call home. According to SafeWise, an independent review site, Harrison ranks Number 4 out of its list of 100 Safest Cities in America ( That’s a remarkable nationally-coveted accomplishment, and one that the Belmont Team helped to secure for the local community.

Under Mayor Ron Belmont’s leadership, alongside Fred Sciliano, the number of police officers has increased, and so has the number of School Safety Officers (SRO’s) who are assigned to safeguard Harrison’s elementary schools. Mayor Belmont also promoted and supported the police department’s new e-bike program, which is another great investment in community safety and sustainability.

Now bike patrol officers can engage in longer patrols with dramatically reduced fatigue, and can respond much faster to emergency calls. The highly visible presence of these environmentally-friendly e-bike patrols is an effective crime deterrent, and also gives police officers more opportunities to interact face-to-face with citizens to develop interpersonal rapport that strengthens the relationship. At the same time, these e-bikes are in line with the goals of the Town’s Sustainability Committee, encouraged and created under the Belmont Team.