With a commitment to service-oriented city leadership, the Belmont Team, led by Mayor Ron Belmont, maintains an inclusive open-door policy to hear from Harrison residents. An open mic is also available at each and every meeting. Anyone who wishes to can address the board and their voice will be heard and entered into the public record.

But that’s just how Mayor Belmont views his role of responsibility and accountability to the people he serves. After all, he was the one who initiated the idea of Lunches with the Mayor in Harrison, as a way to personally meet with residents and discuss what’s on their minds.

Mayor Belmont has also led the way in the planning, design, and careful budgeting for a brand new recreation facility and community center in Harrison. It will include a state-of-the-art exercise room, basketball courts, a walking track, and other amenities that will help ensure the health and well being of Harrison residents.

Also acquired, under Mayor Belmont’s leadership, were properties that have been designated for much needed off-street parking downtown, for the safety and convenience of everyone visiting Harrison.

Following several damaging storms and after a disappointing post-storm reaction from ConEd, Mayor Belmont, and his team, initiated changes to usher in a new era of rapid, coordinated response to such disruptive events. Now there is greater cooperative collaboration between ConEd and Harrison’s first responders. As a result, the response times for removal of downed trees and the repair of power lines in the wake of storms has been significantly reduced.

But Team Belmont also ensured that the city has the financial stability and capability to sustainably maintain and continually enhance municipal services. All while keeping under the tax cap for seven consecutive years, and receiving a coveted Aaa rating from Moody’s for Harrison.