On Saturday morning, November 16, 2019, Mayor Ron Belmont hosted a community information session in Town Hall to bring residents up to date on recent car thefts in Harrison. Also present was Lieutenant Vasta, from the Harrison Police Department. During the meeting, Mayor Belmont asked Lieutenant Vasta for tips on how to best protect one’s self and one’s belongings from being vandalized.

Harrison Resident Advice

The townsfolk in attendance were informed that most car theft and vandalism cases involved unlocked vehicles, often with cash or other valuables in plain view. Mayor Belmont expressed the importance of locking unattended vehicles, even if only leaving for a short time. Lieutenant Vasta also reminded residents to be vigilant in locking cars at all times and further recommended that, in all instances, spare keys and valuables should be removed from plain sight.

The Police Department is investigating the issue and is asking the community to be alert and report suspicious activity to the Harrison Police Department at 914-967-5111.