Ron Belmont – Mayor
Fred Sciliano – Town Council
Jackie Greer – Town Clerk

Car Thefts in Harrison, NY

On Saturday morning, November 16, 2019, Mayor Ron Belmont hosted a community information session in Town Hall to bring residents up to date on recent car thefts in Harrison. Also […]

Thank you from Ron Belmont

Dear Harrison Neighbors and Friends, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The votes are in and you have given me the distinct honor of serving as your Mayor/Supervisor for another […]

Harrison Rising Endorses Ron Belmont

Did you know that Westchester’s oldest and most respected Newspaper, the Harrison Rising, just endorsed Mayor Ron Belmont for re-election, and election, this coming Election Day on November 5th, 2019? Here’s […]

Early Voting comes to Harrison in 2019

We are happy to announce that early voting has finally reached Harrison, NY in 2019. All Harrison residents can vote during any scheduled time at Harrison Veterans Memorial Building. If […]

More Efficient Government Serving the Taxpayer

With a commitment to service-oriented city leadership, the Belmont Team, led by Mayor Ron Belmont, maintains an inclusive open-door policy to hear from Harrison residents. An open mic is also […]

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5

The Belmont Team needs your votes on Tuesday, November 5th to keep getting things done for Harrison, NY. Re-elect Ron Belmont – Mayor, Re-elect Fred Sciliano – Town Board, Elect […]